RÊVERIES-COSMETICS is a beauty brand with a focus on the products being healthy for you, your body and your skin .. & that only the best is good enough.

Who we are

RÊVERIES is a beauty brand that focuses on the fact that only the best is good enough. It is important to take care of yourself, your body and skin. That is why we have chosen to create some luxury products that are healthy for both you and the environment. 

We at  RÊVERIES therefore chose to focus on this topic, so both, men and women can get clean products without allergens and dangerous substances. 

That is why we have chosen to deepen all our ingredients so that YOU as a customer know what you are applying to your skin. 


Choose Prducts of your Skin type

While everyone’s skin is different, we all fall into different skin-type categories. Scaly itchy skin indicates that you likely have dry skin, and clear skin is a sign you have normal skin type. Shiny skin usually means you have oily type, while being oily and dry in different places means your skin type is combination.

Read more about different types and find your type to use right products.

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natural ingredients

We put a lot of love in every product

For us, RÊVERIES cosmetics is important to use clean and natural ingredients. We wear our skin  all life, treat it with love and honour. 

Read more about ingredients what we use in creams, we have being choosing only best for your skin and body.

After years working in cosmetics indrustry, we know what plants have the best healing characteristics.